Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Impossible to Fail

"It is impossible to fail when you do your best when you are on the Lord's errand!"

Sam and Tabby's Baptism with Sister King and me
Hello amazing people! Just wanted to start out by saying how much I love you guys and also how much I absolutely love being a missionary! This work is amazing, it is the most beautiful work to be a part of and all of us have the divine privilege and responsible to share this gospel with those around us, to let them be embraced in a gospel full of eternal and pure joy. This week Sister King and I had the beautiful opportunity to watch Sam and Tabby enter the waters of baptism. For years they have waited and prepared for this day and finally the circumstances were right and they were able to make that lasting covenant with their Father in Heaven. Sister King and I were emotional when we walked into the church and saw the chapel packed with people for this baptism. We were worried no one would come since not many members know these girls. It was the most people I had ever seen at a baptism and they all came to support them. Many of the ward members had never even met them and yet they came and the support was beyond words. They loved these girls and took them in under their wings. It was a unique baptism and there were quite a few missionaries there, missionaries who had taught these precious sisters in the past and each missionary was able to bear testimony to them on the importance of baptism. Well unfortunately we have to come clean. We blew it big time. We failed to turn on the heater in the baptismal font and so the water was freezing. Since Sam is already terribly afraid of water, having ice cold water did not help the situation. Needless to say they went through with it anyway and the cheesy line of the night was although the water was cold the spirit in the room was warm. The poor girls did not stop shivering the whole meeting but it was one of the best and lively baptismal services I have been in. At the end their mother asked, "Is there usually this many people at baptisms?" We told her we had never seen this many people. She then said with tears in her eyes, "you mean to tell me that all these people came to support my girls?" She has seen a difference in their countenances and she has a desire to learn more and find for herself this happiness that has been missing from her life for so long.

The Blessing of the Que Kiddos

Yesterday it was a beautiful sacrament service. Gabbie and Cesar's radiant children were each blessed, and the prayers that were given in their behalf came uniquely and individually by the spirit. They were said in Spanish so I couldn't understand very much, but the spirit that filled the room as the prayers were being said was incredible. Just looking at this glowing family I started to have tears fill my eyes, and I felt so grateful Heavenly Father allowed me to be a part of their lives. I watched Cesar tenderly hold his new baby in his careful arms, I saw Christian intently watching the worthy priesthood holders bless and pass the sacrament, I watch Gabbie reflect on her tender motherly capabilities as she cared for her children and I saw Emilee smile back at me with a smile as big as the sun. As I watched the love this family had for each other it made me think of my amazing family. Sam and Tabby were also confirmed members of the church of Jesus Christ and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. After the prayers were said they looked so peaceful and happy. I loved sitting in that meeting with the Que family in front of me, Sam to my side, and Clarence, Tabby, and my wonderful companion sitting right behind me.

Lastly an update on Mr. Clarence. He is the most hilarious, stubborn, hard headed, loving 76 year old in the world, and he feels completely like family to me. We were having a lesson with him Monday  last week and suddenly I just happened to glance over at a calendar which was on the wall right behind him. For weeks he had been praying about being baptized on the 18th of this month. Well when I looked at the calendar I happened to notice there was something written on the 18th. The only day on the whole calendar with something written on it was the 18th. Since we were a ways away from the calendar we couldn't quite make out what was written so we asked Clarence and he started blushing and got the biggest grin on his face and he said, "it says join the church!"  He had prayed and received his answer. I want to testify to all of you that I know with all the certainty of my heart that God hears and answers our prayers. If you think for one second He is not mindful of your prayers, think again! He is actively engaged in our lives and His whole work and purpose is to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life. Clarence has his baptismal interview tonight and we are so excited for the incredibly bright future that he holds.

Here's something you don't see every day: Helping Gabbie to her car 
I have a testimony of this gospel. I have a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lived and He died for us, and lives still and directs this work. Our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ love us more then anything. I love you guys and I hope you all have an incredible week. Remember who you are and on whose side you stand for and never forget which way you face.

Love Sister Mathis

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