Monday, November 10, 2014

I Love Missionary Work!!

This week has been great! I got an amazing letter from Clarence in Delaware and he wrote to tell me that he has plans to go to the temple on the 14th of this month, as in Friday! What a great letter that was to receive to see that the work is carrying on and he is preparing to enter the place that will bring forth many blessings, a source of lasting happiness, and a place that can unite his family.

Well, nothing like getting to a new area and jumping right into speaking at a baptism and in sacrament meeting the following Sunday. I was grateful for the opportunity I had to speak on the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a sanctifier; the Holy Ghost testifies of truth; the Holy Ghost is a protector and a guide; and the Holy Ghost is a teacher and a revelator. I am grateful to have the presence of the Holy Ghost in my life. Without the Holy Ghost, this work would be impossible. In church I had the privilege of speaking on how my faith has increased as a missionary. I cannot even begin to explain how much that faith has increased. I went from a belief or faith in certain principles to knowing with absolutely certainty the truthfulness of the principles of the gospel. 

This last week I hit my 9 month mark which means I am halfway into my mission! I cannot believe how fast the time is going. I have been away from family and friends, from sports and TV for 9 months! Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for being able to serve a mission and for being called here to the Ohio. This has been the most incredible experience of my life. It has been challenging. I have had doubts; I have had feelings of inadequacy, and of low self esteem. I have had fear, trials, and heartbreak, but somehow the hard times pass, and what remains are the times my heart has been softened, the times I have allowed the Savior to come into my life, and the times I have seen the Savior come into the life of others. I have experienced times of the greatest heart warmth, of incredible laughter and pure joy, of feeling the love our Savior and Father in Heaven have for each and everyone of us regardless of our background, and I have been able to better understand His gospel. I have gained a true and honest testimony of the restoration and the plan of salvation, and I have been able to accomplish things I didn't even know possible. That testimony and that faith has come from my personal study and the faith and strength of those around me including and especially those I have had the opportunity to teach. I am surrounded by incredible examples. I have learned how real our Savior is and how dependent I am on Him. This is not my work, but His. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything being a missionary. In fact I feel I am gaining such profound and important truths and values that no one can take away or destroy. My life has been changed and will forever be changed from the simple yet powerful decision I made to serve.

I love this work. I love this new area. We found a miracle family this last week who are so prepared to hear the message of the gospel. They had been praying and praying for something or someone to help them and days later we knocked on their door. This is an inspired and a beautiful work. How grateful I am for the knowledge we have and the things that bring us everlasting happiness!!

I love you guys!

Love Sister Mathis

With Sister Wagstaff

With Sister Hicken at a Sister Training Meeting

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