Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello Friends!

Look who's now an official mormon missionary!

The sign said free so we took them and now we are missionaries on bikes!

With Sister King, Sister Schauers, Clarence and his stepson Dan

With Superstar Sam from Delaware

With The Zimmermans from Hayden Run and Sister Hicken

 I thought I would start this email by explaining three random yet somewhat humorous things that occurred this week.

1) As we were driving to a good ol appointment going down main street we saw a man with an eloquent ponytail and some stunner shades walking two nicely groomed goats on a leash. I thought to myself..well if this doesn't say Newark, I don't know what does. So what did we do. We found a nice parking spot for the car ran up to the man took a picture with his lovely goats and then tried to teach him about the restoration of Christ's original church.

2)As we were driving down an old country road running slightly a bit behind for our meeting we saw two bikes nicely nestled on the side of the road with two beautiful beaming signs that said "free." That was music to  poor missionaries ears! So we now have two bicycles to cruise around town on!

3)We got a text from some other missionaries asking us when St Patrick's day was. Their message went something like this, "we figured out of all the missionaries in the mission, Sister Mathis would be the one to know when St. Patrick's day was." I thought to myself ha ha very funny let's all laugh at the red-head.

This week was incredible. I have specifically gained a stronger testimony of the power of fasting. On Saturday night our zone-leaders called us and said, "is there anyone that could be baptized Saturday the 28th, the last Saturday of March?" They explained to us how every zone in the mission had reached their zone goals for the month of March except our zone. Sister Ure and I looked at each other and said, "well no pressure!" We have been working with Harlee and had previously extended two dates for her to pray about. Up until this point she had been leaning toward the April 11th date. We decided to join together as a companionship and fast for our sweet sister to be baptized the 28th. We planned on having a lesson with Harlee after church. We got together to start our planned lesson on the commandments and Harlee very subtly mentioned, "Oh Sisters guess what...I'm getting baptized on the 28!" We both just sat there in utter amazement at the Lord's hand. The spirit had worked on her and encouraged her to move her baptismal date. I know how mindful our Heavenly Father is of us. I know there comes a divine power when we call upon the powers of Heaven and pray and fast for a specific reason. I know that Heavenly Father was ready for this beautiful daughter of His to make this sacred promise with Him.

We also had a wonderful lesson with Dakota. He impressed me as we talked about the atonement and the enabling power it contains, by saying a prayer at the end of the lesson and apologizing for the little things he had done wrong. I loved how quick he was to act on the principles of the gospel. I love working with children. They carry a special spirit with them and they are eager and excited to follow their Savior.

The Easter musical fireside was wonderful! I loved seeing families and people who have impacted my life from all of the different area's I have served. Watching Clarence and Dan walk in, hugging sweet Sam, seeing Ellen surrounded by friends and family makes every single day of this work absolutely worth it. I love with my whole heart being a missionary.

I know our Savior lives. My invitation to you is to find Him. I love you guys!

Love Sister Mathis


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