Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is Lauren in Heaven?

Checking my email this morning I came across a funny email from my mom. She told me of a little story that involved my precious three year old cousin Charlotte.

She said, "While holding Charlotte last night and visiting with cousin Lauren Thorpe, Charlotte proclaimed, "there are two Laurens!" Which she then followed up with, "Is Lauren in heaven??!" Just like Ray Consella in "Field of Dreams," I promptly replied, "No, she's in Iowa."  Just kidding, I  I said Ohio!
My cute little cousin must have known there is something "heavenly" about serving a mission and often times as I share the gospel I think I get a little glimpse of what Heaven is truly like. I'm not to Heaven yet, but I am grateful to have opportunities as a missionary that let me feel a little piece of Heaven on earth.
This week has been such an exciting week! Here's a couple of stories that I hope will warm your heart, I know they warmed mine.
The other day we were sitting on our back patio eating our dinner when two cute neighborhood kids road their bikes over to us. They began talking to us and showing us sweet tricks on their bikes like the infamous bunny hop. When they recognized who we were and what apartment we lived in they excitedly said, "We love your picture of Jesus in the front window!" Sister Ure ran into the apartment and grabbed them their own picture of the Savior. They graciously thanked us. The next morning as we set out for the day we happened to glance at our neighbors windows and saw the pictures of the Savior posted just like ours in the front windows of the two apartments of the little boys. It made our day seeing the pictures of the Savior around the apartment complex and to see other believers. I don't think our apartment manager will mind too much seeing as how he is a member too! Hopefully the other neighbors don't think we have some sort of secret combination going on, ha ha!
We had the opportunity to go to a care center for disabled adults in Utica, Ohio and bring a little bit of sunshine to the patients there. What a neat opportunity it was to see and know of God's love for them. They are faced with different struggles and mountains to climb in this life, but God does not love them any less then He loves you and me. They were handcrafted and perfectly made by the One who knows all. One of the ladies we talked to for awhile seemed to be best friends with everyone in the center. When it was time for their pizza party we journeyed up to the dining area to talk to more people there. When we saw her she was sitting at a table surrounded by men. We kind of teased her and said, "Wow,are these all your boyfriends?!" She promptly responded back, "Oh no! One is enough!" 
There was a quote from conference that I really have been reflecting on. I can't remember who said it but he said, "Don't let those things you do not understand unravel the things you know to be true." This gospel is amazing. It is beautiful in many ways. The gospel is true and it only gets truer. Hold to what you know. Defend what you believe in and don't compromise the precious truth you have.
Lastly I just want to give a little shout-out to all the mothers around the world and especially to my angel mother. Yesterday my companion said to me, "Your mother seems wonderful. I can't wait to meet her one day." I couldn't ask for a better mother who has supported me since day one. Who carries the spirit with her and follows the promptings she receives. She knows no strangers and is constantly doing something to serve someone else. She emulates charity and truly is my best friend. "Who can put a price tag on the worth of a mother?" I love my mother and I also love all those here in Ohio who have adopted me as their daughter while I have been away from my family. Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers around the world! We would not be here if it weren't for you!
Love you guys!
Love, Sister Mathis

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