Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a Great Day to be a Missionary!

Funnies of a mission
  • "She's got more wrinkles than an old road map!"
  • "When you're going through Hell...DON'T STOP!
  • Teaching a little girl about the apostasy..
Missionaries-"Christ's original church began to crumble."
Little girl- "Well they should have used bricks!"
  • Neighbor- "I have a niece named felony.   
Missionaries- "Is that spelled with an f?"
Neighbor-"No with a PH"
  • Dakota- "I don't want kids right now I can't take care of them."
Tammey- "Well that's good seeing as how you're 10!"
  • If you think you can or you think you can't...you're right"     -Henry Ford
I absolutely love my mission. I cannot fully express the joy I feel for this sacred work. It has been another eventful week! A couple of highlights from the week included...an I-PAD training! It really was one of my favorite trainings ever. Elder Watson from church headquarters came and spoke to us and I was impressed at how spiritual the meeting was. It wasn't so much about i-pads as it was about helping us to not lose focus of our purpose and the emphasis the Quorum of the 12 Apostles  is providing on the use of technology and also protecting us from the "wiles of the devil."
In other news my best friend, Sister Ure, finishes her mission this week. I am incredibly sad to lose my partner in crime, my companion, my teacher, and my guide. I feel much like Alma and the Sons of the Mosiah and the love and brotherhood they developed as they were united in the service of the Lord.  She is a powerful ambassador for the Lord and I know we will be friends forever. I am grateful everyday that we had the opportunity to serve and grow together.
We had zone conference this last week and a major theme of the conference was the power of the atonement. Our loving Savior Jesus Christ, both holds power and extends power to us. In the book of Matthew, Christ says, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." What are the powers we can receive from the atonement?
Powers of the Atonement
Brothers and Sisters, family and friends, let the beautiful powers of the atonement come into your life.  Let them heal you and comfort you. We are better than settling for anything less than living with Him in a royal court prepared on high. Don't compare yourself to anyone. Compare yourself to your best- who you are through Him because of the power of His atonement. I invite you to take one of these powers or add one of your own to the list and study it deeply for a week. Look for scriptures or words from modern prophets to see how the atonement is able to provide these gateways. Each of us may wonder, how is it done?

I testify that although I do not know all the answers, I know one thing for certain, my Savior lives, and loves me and each of you deeply. His atonement is real, and through the irony of it our garments can be made white and pure through His atoning sacrifice. While Christ was on the earth He performed miracles, He healed the blind and raised the dead, but in the words of President Daines, "All that would not have mattered if He did not drink of the bitter cup." That was His whole purpose in coming to earth. He was foreordained and willing in the preexistence. Others could have performed miracles, there were many that went before Him and that followed Him that did just that, but there was no other person who could fully and completely carry out the atonement save it was, the Prince of Peace, The Only Begotten of the Father, our Savior and Redeemer, even Jesus the Christ.
I love you guys so so much, but more importantly your Savior loves you. The good Shepherd calls out to all who will hear His voice. May we listen a little more intently to Him.
It's a beautiful day to be a missionary!

Love, Sister Mathis

To Teach and Preach and Play as Missionaries Do?

A member of the Zanesville Ward went to the NBA Playoffs and brought Lauren and her companion souvenirs knowing what a Lebron fan she is. These two are spoiled:) 

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