Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Random Acts of Service?

P-Day Activity with Sister King
September 17, 2014

Hello guys! I wanted to start this email by first thanking all of you for your prayers in my behalf. I have felt their power especially this last week and want you to know how grateful I am for all of you and for your strength and testimonies. I love you all.

Okay I have to share this story. It's too good not to share! The other day we received a call from a less active member of the church who we had never before met. On the call he asked if we would be willing to help his injured aunt. He was out of the state and there was no one to help her. As missionaries we willingly agreed. So we drove to this man's home where the aunt was staying. He told us to go in the back door.  We arrived and let ourselves in. On a chair right by the door was a rather large 75 year old lady, sweet as can be. We started talking to her and recognized that she was in some pretty serious pain. She was a nurse and so she explained to us that she would walk us through what she needed us to do. Our task was to help her use the bathroom. Pretty fun task eh? She looked up us and said, "okay I'm going to need one of you to bear hug me and help pull me up." Sister King slowly started to back away which left me to try and help this lady whom we had just met. I put my arms around her and tried with all my might to lift her up. Well after several moments, we began to move about a half an inch and then she let out a loud moan and then just laid completely still. I was like "oh my goodness what did I just do to this poor lady? I've killed her!" A couple long seconds later she was moving again, thank goodness! Anyway we realized it would be impossible to move her. Shortly after, a neighbor showed up who was also a nurse so the three of us attempted to move her. I had to admit, we just couldn't do it. So the neighbor decided the best thing to do would be to call an ambulance. Before the EMT's came in we had to get the dogs out of the way. One of the dogs was very sweet, but the other dog was a little demon dog that looked like it wanted to rip our faces off. I left that job to Sister King. She grabbed its fur and scooted it all the way across the house and into the garage. We were able to get both dogs out of the way without losing any limbs. Well the ambulance came and took her away and Sister King and I just looked at each other and wondered what in the world had just happened. So that's our story going to a random house with a random lady, throw in a rabid dog and an ambulance and you have a pretty good story. We also took down a lady's Christmas tree this week, did a bunch of laundry for this sweet elderly lady, and helped clean out an incredibly crowded basement full of hardware. It's been a fun week of service and I can truly testify that when you are in the service of your fellow men you are only in the service of your God.

It has been a great week so far! I have truly been happy these last few days. Last night we went to go contact a referral that someone from Utah had given us the information for. We were out in the country and could not find this particular house where the lady lived. After driving around we were convinced this address didn't exist. We tried calling the number on the referral and it was a dead line. We were about to turn back when all of a sudden Sister King was able to spot the address we were looking for. We were excited, but it looked more like a business than a house. After we drove up we saw a lady outside and found out it was the exact lady we were looking for. She was incredibly kind, and just so humbled and honored that we were led to find her. She send us home each with a beautiful bouquet of daisies. I know in that moment Heavenly Father led us to find her. Don't give up! It is in those moments when we want to give up that we find the miracles! Heavenly Father is in charge, hold to your faith and believe in Him!
Singing "A Whole New World" on OSU Campus

Have a great week!

Love you! 
Sister Mathis                         

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