Monday, September 22, 2014

What a week!!

Sister King and I with our friend Clarence

With the cute Que Kiddos


I feel very grateful to share some of my experiences this past week with you. It has been an incredible week, and a week where many unexpected things happened. 
We have been spending quite a bit of time going up to the small college campus located here in Delaware Ohio. We have loved getting to talk to people around our age and talk about religion and faith with them. We have met quite a few athletes that play on the various sports teams which has been fun. OWU is a religious school so a good majority of the people we come in contact with have a pretty solid foundation and a belief in Jesus Christ. In order to go onto campus we had to meet with Reverend John Powers who is the head Chaplin. I was nervous and didn't quite know what to expect, but he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He was so loving and kind, and expressed how grateful he was to have us on his campus. He said, "I've never seen sisters before. It's always been the elders!" We were pretty excited to be the first group of sisters to go and contact on campus. We didn't say much, he did a majority of the talking, but he talked about the spirit that he could feel when we were with him. He said, "this campus needs you." He is not a member of our faith and I don't know if he ever will be, but he notices a difference in the "Mormons" and he truly respects them. There are so many amazing people out there! They are not just people we can casually walk by, they are our brother and sisters. Heavenly Father loves and cares about them just as much as he loves us and when we can start to see people through Heavenly Fathers eyes, the world will start to change. One day we were walking on campus alongside this girl. I felt like we needed to say something to her, and Sister King felt that same impression. Before we knew it we both started talking at the exact same time to her. Talk about being in tune with the spirit! We got to know her better and within just a few moments she had developed a trust in us and asked if she could share something very personal with us. She opened up completely and explained how she recently had lost two family members who were very close to her. An opportunity presented itself and we were able to testify of Heavenly Father's plan of salvation. She was completely engaged in the conversation and we ended up talking with her for about an hour. We set up a time to come back and we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon. In just a few days she has read quite a bit of it and has thoroughly enjoyed what she has read. Just yesterday without any hesitation she joined us for church which was an incredible blessing.

Also joining us for church were two amazing girls with whom we are working towards a baptismal date of October 11th. They are sisters and have been taking the missionary discussions for about three years now. Just a few months ago we decided to go visit them and meet them. They have faced many challenges in life, actually they live pretty pretty rocky lives, but are some of the strongest girls in the world, and they hold their faith higher than anything. They loved church and the feeling they felt when they were in a house of the Lord. I know the Lord is in charge and we  I know He will ultimately decide what is best for these sweet girls. So please pray for Sam and Tabby.

Last night I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. I love that Book. It is my map, my safeguard against the ever changing word. It is a personal connection I have to my heavenly Father and  His son Jesus Christ. As I was reading Moroni's last words, I was blown away by his courage and faith. He was standing tall and doing all he could to protect the sacred record that would later come to be called the Book Of Mormon. One of my favorite lines in all the book of Mormon is, "And I Moroni will not deny the Christ." I too cannot deny the Christ. I will walk by Him, and do all I can to protect and defend this name. When I get to stand before Him and He asks me "what have you done with my name" I hope to answer  that I have done all I could do.

I love this work. I love the Book of Mormon and the many examples and testimonies we can learn from in it. I love this gospel and I love my Savior and the perfect example He has set for all of us.

I love you all!! Have a tremendous week!

Sister Mathis

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