Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a Week!

Random thought- If bread is square why in the world is lunch meet round?

This week has been incredible! I am excited to be able to share just a few experiences I have had with you. On Wednesday of last week we had our weekly district meeting. For this particular meeting our district leader decided to do a chapel tour with us. It was so neat to be on the receiving end of a chapel tour because normally we are the ones giving the tours to investigators. At one part in the tour we stood in front of the famous picture of the Savior knocking on the door, but there is no doorknob. As I gazed at this picture I had seen hundreds of times, I learned a different meaning and saw the picture with a different set of eyes. Before I had always looked at it and seen myself on the inside of the door, but when I looked at it this particular time, I saw myself standing where the Savior was, physically standing in His place and teaching His gospel. I envisioned my investigators and all the people we would come in contact with on the other side of that door. I saw myself standing in the Savior's place hopeful that somebody on the other end would answer and listen to the message I had to share.

Another neat experience we had this week- About two months ago we met a man named David. He was riding his bike through town, and we felt impressed to go talk to him. We found out that just a few months prior his whole family had moved from Uganda here to the states. He didn't have a job and didn't have a phone so after an amazing conversation about Jesus Christ with him I was feeling a little discouraged and my faith was fading in the hopes that we would see him again. Well three weeks ago, after having some plans fall through, my companion and I were feeling a little lost. The idea came to my head to go visit a man named Danny. We had only met Danny once and he didn't show much interest in that brief time we met him, but for some reason the spirit was telling me to go see him. We decided to walk since he didn't live too far from where we were. We were almost to Danny's house when we saw an older man on a bike riding toward us! It was David! It was a complete answer to prayer and a testimony builder for me that when we follow the promptings of the spirit no matter how subtle they are, we will be blessed. We were able to speak more with David and just yesterday we were able to enter his home and meet his sweet wife and three beautiful little kids. We found out that they had been given a Book of Mormon when they were still in Africa. We are beyond thrilled to work with this family, and it has been tender mercy after tender mercy to find them.

Here's the funny story of the week for you. It goes as follows: A few days ago we were driving to an appointment, but on the way we noticed a single lady stranded and helpless with a flat tire. We looked closer and realized it was the daughter of one of our investigators. For some odd reason we kept driving, worried about our appointment. When we were almost to our appointment I said to Sister King, "I think we need to go back and help her." Keep in mind I have changed a tire once in my life, right before I left on my mission and I had my ever patient father right next to me to guide me through the steps. Sister King had hardly any experience either so we wondered what in the world we were doing, but we went anyway. We offered our assistance and told her we would not be much help, but if she knew how to change it we could provide the tools for her to be able to do so. Well within a matter of minutes another lady stopped to help. She was the sweetest thing, but tougher than nails and came right in and knew exactly what to do. Things were fine at this point when all of a sudden a guy with incredibly long hair peels around in a minivan to help with all the commotion. He comes and moves everything from where it was and assures us he knows what he was doing, which in reality he totally didn't. Anyway he sees our name badges and just starts verbally attacking us! One of the worst attacks I have had on my mission so far. At that moment I just wanted to argue with him, and it took everything I had not to. I had to hold my tongue because I knew if I were to start talking to him, I may not have been the most Christ-like, and plus contention is of the devil. I thought of the talk Elder Holland gave in the most recent conference.

He said, "A sister missionary recently wrote to me: “My companion and I saw a man sitting on a bench in the town square eating his lunch. As we drew near, he looked up and saw our missionary name tags. With a terrible look in his eye, he jumped up and raised his hand to hit me. I ducked just in time, only to have him spit his food all over me and start swearing the most horrible things at us. We walked away saying nothing. I tried to wipe the food off of my face, only to feel a clump of mashed potato hit me in the back of the head. Sometimes it is hard being a missionary because right then I wanted to go back, grab that little man, and say, ‘EXCUSE ME!’ But I didn’t.”  
To this devoted missionary I say, dear child, you have in your own humble way stepped into a circle of very distinguished women and men who have, as the Book of Mormon prophet Jacob said, “view[ed Christ’s] death, and suffer[ed] his cross and [borne] the shame of the world.”1

 Now we didn't have it as bad as that poor missionary, and I was so grateful for my companion in this moment. I was worried how she would handle it being so new to the field and tender hearted, but instead of reacting in a negative way she bore simple truth of the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith to him. It was a moment that I was grateful for, a moment I learned a lot from.

I am grateful to stand as a witness, grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission. It may not always be easy, but it is without a doubt worth it. I am grateful for my Savior who led a perfect example and truly bore the shame of the world, because of His love for us.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

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