Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

What a beautiful week it was to be a missionary! I was grateful especially for the Lord's hand throughout this week. Really every week is beautiful even though it's challenging at times. There's a saying I like that says "there's no comfort in the growth zone, and there's no growth in the comfort zone." Sometimes the path has to be a bit rocky in order for us to grow and luckily we have a Savior to help us through. I love the footprints in the sand poem that talks about our Savior carrying us. He has blessed us with so many tender mercies this last week, and truly carried us through various challenges and adversities.

Ellen is the biggest miracle and blessing. She continues to amaze me with her desire to learn, and continues to teach me from her example. Her testimony in just the few short weeks we have been meeting with her has grown immensely. I wish you could all meet here and be able to witness her growth. One thing that I have learned from her is the spirit and the power that can come from prayer. She says the most beautiful prayers and there's no doubt she knows who she is talking to. Before she starts her prayers she always takes a moment to sit there and ponder. As we sit in silence the spirit has the ability to come in so strong and touch the hearts of those in the room. She prepares to talk to her Father in Heaven and she does not treat such an opportunity lightly. She has been telling everyone about her baptism and has even taken initiative to ask people to speak at it! She loves the word of wisdom and quite frankly I was nervous to teach it because I knew it would require some changes. She explained how much she loved her Father in Heaven and if her Father in Heaven commanded her to do this, she would do it. She prayed about a specific date to stop smoking and felt such a peace and a confirmation in choosing a date. I know she can do it, and more importantly Heavenly Father has full faith she can do it. I feel so fortunate to be here at this time working with such a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father.

Transfers are coming up this week, and I am slightly nervous about them. They really could go either way. I would be devastated to leave Dakota, Ellen, and others we are working with here but if the Lord calls me another way I will follow. 
Sister Chadburn and our friend Jamie 
I came across a great scripture this morning during my studies in Romans. Paul is spending these chapters just testifying. I have loved the Book Of Romans thus far. The scripture that stood out to me this morning reads, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." I know this to be true. At the end of the chapter Paul finishes by saying, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" I love these inspired words he speaks and bears testimony of. I add my testimony to His. I know that with the Lord on our side we are capable of so much more. Trust in Him, trust in Heavenly Father's plan and as Elder   Holland said, "believe in good things to come."

If anyone wants to read a funny story in the bible go to Numbers 22. It is about a talking donkey. I read it yesterday and laughed my head off. I truly feel the Lord and our Heavenly Father have a great sense of humor.

Remember to smile today, and be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. Have a wonderful holiday today. I am also grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and the measures he took and the courage and desire he had to unite the people. He is a great example especially as a missionary.

The gospel is absolutely true. There's not a shadow of a doubt it's not. I love it and I am forever grateful for it. Love you guys!!  Sister Mathis

National Champions- Ohio State Buckeyes!