Monday, January 26, 2015

Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

The Super Heroes of the Ohio Columbus Mission

This morning as I got on to email one of my good friends wrote me and said, "Sister Mathis, not all super heroes wear capes. I'm so proud of you for the work you're doing." I loved that quote. Sometimes super heroes come in the form of suits and ties, or skirts and dresses and who can forget the staple of the black nametag. It is a beautiful privilege to wear my Savior's name over my heart everyday.  I remember when I first came out on my mission being somewhat embarrassed by that black nametag that defined me. I stood out. People were always looking at us, because we were different. I now cannot bear the thought of one day having to retire that precious nametag. I love how it defines me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

This week has been one of the most beautiful weeks of my mission. Yesterday we had the divine privilege of having Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles come and speak to us. As a missionary I have learned to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. I have also learned to not miss out on amazing opportunities, so my companion and I decided to sing in the choir that would perform at this special fireside. We were so fortunate to be able to sit up on the stand for this fireside. Our ward mission leader worked hard to fill his car full of less active members, and investigators. In the crowd I looked down and saw Ellen, Dakota, Clarence, and many others I have such love for. I could not help, but let a few tears flow down as I thought to myself, "there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now." The anticipation built up and finally it was time for the meeting to begin. A hushed reverence spread throughout the packed church as all arose and an apostle of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ entered the room. I felt love, I felt peace, I felt my Heavenly Father's presence, I felt I was exactly where I needed to be. The choir opened the meeting. We sang the beautiful hymn "come follow me."
After a testimony from President Daines and a convert of about a year, it was Elder Christofferson's turn to address us. He walked up to the podium with only his scriptures in hand. He started by making a few jokes. He explained how as an apostle he has the opportunity to assign mission calls. He explained to the large crowd how inspired those calls are. When referring to mission calls he referred to an old Hallmark slogan that would come on cards that said, "when we care enough to send you the very best." He looked at all the people in front of him and said, "we have sent you the very best."  He explained how just a few weeks ago he was assigning a particular girl her mission call. He looked at her picture, she had platinum blonde hair and pale, pale skin. He chuckled when he told us he felt impressed to send her to Zambia. He then said, "I would have loved to see the mother's face when she found out her daughter was going to Africa." He was comfortable and relaxed, but spoke completely with the spirit. He spoke of baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. One of my favorite points in his talk was when he said, "I've never heard someone say, 'oh man I wish I would have been baptized later in life!'" He talked about the importance of not delaying such an opportunity. He ended his talk by saying "we cannot go forward in life missing out on so much."  The gospel is for everyone. It has the power to transform and make better any person who has ever walked this earth. The gospel has filled my life without it I would be missing everything. 
At the end we got to sing one more number. Elder Christofferson was directly in front of me, only about 5 feet away. I was nervous as ever. We started singing the song "Come Thou Fount." I felt the spirit so incredibly strong. As I was singing, I was not only singing, I was bearing testimony, I was pondering the words, and I was emotional. I love that song. I love the line that says, "Jesus sought me when a stranger." I have been that stranger at times in my life. I now can fully say I know my Savior. I don't just know about Him. I know Him. As a missionary I feel so blessed to help those that are strangers to Him, come unto Him. 

Afterwards the Beloved Elder Christofferson took the time to walk down the aisles of the church and shake the hands of those in attendance. I felt so lucky to stand right before Him and as I looked into his eyes I felt the Christ-like love he has. I also felt the  power and authority of his sacred calling. I felt much life Lehi in his vision of the tree of life. After partaking in such a beautiful experience I longed for others to partake. I ran and grabbed Ellen and we made our way through so she could meet a living apostle of the Lord. She was beaming, full of light!  I will never forget that beautiful and sacred day.

I love this gospel. It is absolute truth. If any of you have doubts or questions, go to the source. Seek our Heavenly Father's assistant. He is there to help. I love my Savior, I love his many servants upon the face of this earth. I know we have a prophet on the earth, even Thomas S. Monson who leads and guides us. I know we have Twelve Apostles today, exactly as Christ had when He walked this earth. I love work! May we all work together to labor in the Lord's vineyard, to spread this knowledge we have, and to be the true super heroes of this world!

Love Sister Mathis

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