Monday, April 21, 2014

Springtime in Columbus

Happy Easter One and All! I hope everyone enjoyed their day and you were able to spend time with the ones you love and reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ. My Easter was great. We were able to have dinner with such an amazing family, and I felt at home even though I know I am so far from home.
For this weeks email I am just going to tell you some of the funny stories that have happened this week, because everyone needs a good laugh, right!
So this past week Sister Hicken and I were taking our lunch break at a nearby park. As we were eating and enjoying the warm weather a bunch of middle school aged neighborhood kids came up to us. I saw they were carrying a basketball so naturally I challenged them to a game. One of the little twerp boys looks at me and said, "with those shoes, and that dress on?" I said, "yep..lets do this." It was way fun, right before Sister Hicken and I had to go, I asked one of the boys if I could shoot one more. One of the kids looked at me and said, "you're never gonna make that." Well my prayer was answered because that ball swooshed right in. I shot him a look like "oh really?" walked over to the park bench grabbed my Book of Mormon and walked away. It was pretty sweet!
Here's another good one. We were out tracting...something we do lots, and we were knocking on this one man's door. He opened the door and his dog came bolting out. Well within seconds Sister Hicken and I were running around the neighborhood in our skirts trying to chase down his dog. Sister Hicken finally grabbed ahold of the collar of the dog, and somehow the collar slipped off so then the dog was running free as Sister Hicken was standing there holding the collar. We both were looking at each other and thinking well now what? The man was finally able to catch his dog and put him back in his house. Needless to say,  the man did not want to hear any more about the gospel.
And the last funny story of the week. We had an Easter musical fireside so we thought we'd invite our African investigator who loves music to join us. He was very excited to come but about 45 minutes into the fireside he was nowhere in sight so went sent him a text and asked him if everything was okay. He responed "Hey sisters this is sad news. I have just gotten a flat tire and the police pulled me over and gave me a ticket." Let me just throw it out there that I am not a big fan of Satan! After more of a difficult week Sister Hicken and I could not help but to laugh at this situation.
You go through lots of ups and downs on a mission, and really just in life in general, but I have found that having a sense of humor through it all makes all the difference.  Brad Wilcox said, "If we can laugh at it, we can live with it." He also went onto say, "humor can impove our pespective and lighten our load." So laugh a little this next week, have fun, make the best out of your situation. President Gordon B. Hinkley said, "In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."
Have a fantastic week! Love you all! Sister Mathis

PS Thanks Sister Hardy for the Easter cookies!

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