Monday, April 28, 2014

No such thing as a Coincidence

No such Thing As A Coincidence
This last week I had the privilege of being on OSU campus for three days. For all you Buckeye fans...I can now see why you are Buckeye fans. I loved it there. I loved the people, the campus and the football stadium was incredible. 
While riding the bus to campus one of the mornings I happened to look over at a bus stop we were passing and saw my friend Allyson Arulanantham from high school! (the only one I know who goes to OSU). I was devistated I was on a moving bus and was not able to jump off to say hello to her. I prayed to my Heavenly Father and asked for another chance to see her.  The campus was packed, students frantically racing to class and  finals, and I had seen no sign of Allyson. As we were walking back to the church getting ready to call it a day I looked over across the street and there she stood! Now you could say that was a coincidence but I firmly believe that it was an answer to my prayer. Out of the thousands of people that attend that school I was able to see Allyson.

 I know my Father in Heaven was mindful of me and knew I needed that testimony builder. He listens, He hears our cries, He knows when we are in need, He answers us.
This week we have witnessed many tender mercies. We have been able to find 5 new investigators. Our Mission President met with us this week along with a couple other zones and basically told us that we need to step it up. He said, "we are living so far beneath who we are at best. We need to raise our expectations and make it happen." If that wasn't a wake up call I don't know what is. So Sister Hicken and I decided we needed to step it up. Yesterday we had a goal of finding two new investigators. We agreed that we would not come in until we had accomplished that task. President has challenged us to find at least one new investigator a day. It was around 8 o'clock at night and we knew we would almost have to call it a day, but we still didn't have our two investigators! We prayed, we really didn't know where to go. After our prayer we ended up leaving the area we were originally going to tract and went to visit a man we had met named Amani and guess what, he and his wife were made into investigators!
There is a great difference in being a believer and being a disciple of Jesus Christ. A disciple is willing to suffer, willing to take upon themselves the name of Christ, willing to act and not be acted upon, and willing to take upon their own individual cross for Christ's sake. I want to be a disciple. May we all take a little more action to be a little better this week, to be a disciple and not simply a believer.

I love you guys!! Have a great week!
-Love Sister Mathis

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